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Parc Animalier Serre-Ponçon - Visite en famille d'animaux

Parc animalier Serre-Ponçon's program

Show & Activities


Park Opening


Meet our animal
Discovery of animal keeper profession


Commented feeding marmots


Birds of prey in free flight


Meet our foxes and vultures


Commented feeding marmots


Birds of prey in free flight


Commented feeding our dogs with wolves Saarloos



Animals of the Park

During the opening season, marmots are hibernating and you can see them closely in their pens. Our animators will show you their life, their reproductive cycle, etc.
You can also discover our foxes, and all the farm animals, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, small goats, ...

Our raptors make you & a demonstration of raptor above Lake Serre-Ponçon, and you can see our dogs Saarloos and our Mandy mascot


Between Discovery & emotions


Raptors spectacle, between lake & mountains

Come and see our show with our raptors! Eagles, owls, hawks, vultures, storks, ... Evolves freely above your heads!

Sensations : Aigles, hiboux, faucons, vautours, cigognes, ...


Feed our animals

Discovering the park marmots, ground dogs, foxes, Saarloos wolf dogs.
Our animal sitter will explain all about the habits of our cute animals.

Découverte : Marmottes, renards, chiens loups de Saarloos


Animals keeper job

Meet our wildlife and our falconers who share their passion and tell you some stories of their lives.

Family games with our traditional wooden games and workshop fingerprint wildlife.

Partage : fauconniers et atelier d'empreinte d'animaux sauvages


Meet farm animals

With our chickens, ducks, sheep, goats and donkey small baby anon ...
touch area with rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rencontre : Poules, canards, moutons, petites chèvres anesse et son bébé anon...

Practical Information

We propose, within the park, many activities and services to complement your visit :


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